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The coming of the year 2020 has brought forward irreversible changes in cyberspace. Thanks to the public health emergency, digitization has massively increased and the internet has become new lifeline of people across the world. The coming of pandemic has had an impact upon cyber legal approaches and perspectives.

Different countries have focused on adopting diverse legal approaches and strategies, which have been, in their own manner, contributing to the evolving Cyberlaw jurisprudence in 2020.

This book examined the evolving developments of Cyberlaw jurisprudence in 2020. This book further analyzes how the advent of pandemic has necessitated countries to change their existing strategies so as to deal with legal challenges thrown up by the public health emergency. This book examines the holistic important global developments in Cyberlaw jurisprudence in 2020 during the era of the pandemic.

It also examines how cyber legal approaches are also being appropriately modified, in different parts of the world so as to specifically deal with challenges of pandemic.

As new challenges of increased wave of public health emergency infections emerge, it is expected that Cyberlaw jurisprudence evolving in 2020 could provide foundation for adoption and implementation of other cyber legal frameworks in the coming future.

This book is an absolute must for all students, who want to understand as to how Cyberlaw jurisprudence is being molded in the year 2020. The book has been written in a simple language and has aimed to highlight the important key trends in Cyberlaw in the year 2020.

I believe that this book should be of interest to all stakeholders in cyberspace, World Wide Web and the Internet including policymakers, Governments, international organizations, users and other stakeholders in the cyber space.

This Book should be of value to all persons, and specifically private institutions, organizations, employers, employees, lawyers, legal professionals, judges, academicians, nation states, governments and other stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

This Book is authored by Dr. Pavan Duggal (, internationally renowned and acclaimed foremost expert on Cyber Security Law and Cyberlaw, who has been acknowledged as one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world. This Book’s Author runs his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates ( ) which is working on all aspects concerning technology and the law.

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