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Crypto-currencies today are hot topics of discussions. The disruptive nature of Crypto-currencies can hardly be overstated. Crypto-currencies are expected to change the complete landscape of payments in the coming times. That is the reason why different countries have sought to treat Crypto-currencies with lot of careful analysis and examination.

In this context, Belarus as a Republic has come up with a refreshingly new legal approach on Crypto-currency mining. Belarus has come up with a new legislation that goes ahead and not just legalizes Crypto-currencies but also legalized the legal frameworks for Crypto-currency mining. The impact of the Belarus legal framework on Blockchain technologies is indeed very interesting to analyze. By passing the new law, Belarus has broken new ground; it has taken a thought leadership position which lot of other nations are likely to watch and emulate in the coming times.

This Book seeks to analyze some of the key thrust areas of Belarus new legislation on crypto-currencies, its salient features and challenges that it bring across. This Book seeks to analyze the importance, significance and impact of the new Belarus legislation on the overall Cyberlaw jurisprudence concerning Crypto-currencies. This Book should be of immense interest for all stakeholders not just in the Crypto-currency ecosystem but also stakeholders who are ultimately interested on how digital payments and digital money is going to evolve in the coming times as also the legal, policy and regulatory nuances connected therewith.

I have written this Book in a layman’s language trying to dissect complex technicalities of the Belarus law in a simple reading style. I hope this Book should be of interest to not just lawyers, legal professionals, lawyers, judges but also other stakeholders, who are interested in understanding the impact and significance of Belarus law on crypto-currency, and those who are likely to be impacted by the onset and prevalence of Crypto-currencies.

This Book is authored by Pavan Duggal (, internationally renowned and acclaimed foremost expert on Cyber Security Law and Cyberlaw, who has been acknowledged as one of the top four cyber lawyers of the world. This eBook’s Author runs his niche law firm Pavan Duggal Associates, Advocates ( ) which is working on all aspects concerning technology and the law.

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Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 57
ISBN: 1790600529
List Price: $9.99
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